Special Events

These are the Highlights and Events in Bischofsmais and at the Geisskopf!

What's happening in Bischofsmais and the surrounding area?

The beginning of the year will be celebrated with the proper fireworks. If there is enough snow, snow bars will be set up and they are used to also serve a glass of (mostly) German champagne.

With this fluid change one moves right into the winter season. Skiing, toboggan, snowboarding in the "Boarderpark" with Halfpipe, and more, are a delight of any snow-connoisseur. During spring, however, the crocus not only spring up on the grounds of the lift area of the Geisskopf-facilities and invite us to undertake wonderful hikes - e.g. to the Landshuter house on the Oberbreitenau. The summer toboggan run is a delight for the young and more mature people. Furthermore, the largest Biking-Park in Germany is not only opened during the summer but also until late in the fall and invites acrobats and other biking-experts alike to demanding tours.

Finally let us end the year on New Years Eve in a manner befitting the occasion. However, during the year there are lots of other opportunities:

Special Events

Bischofsmais, Habischried and the Geisskopf mountain area offer a lot more...

Here are the most important events that we have put together for you:

Date Event Description
New Year's New Year's-Shooting competition for regional guests in Habischried
The shooting club organizes a shooting competition for the guests in our
region. This is an opportunity for our guests interested in shooting to
demonstrate their shooting skills.
Carnival / "Fasching" Great big carnival parade in the city of Regen
Even in the Bavarian Forest the "carnival fools are on the loose." In the city of Regen you can watch the big carnival parade with a lot of candies, including caramel toffees called even here "Kamelle" [i.e. not only in the Rhineland of Germany], and a lot of funny costumes until Ash Wednesday.
last July weekend Pichelsteiner-Festival in Regen This is a weekend with many exciting happenings in Regen. Water attractions fascinate the visitors and gondolas provide a great opportunity to take a ride on the river "Regen." Visitors can taste the
famous original Pichelsteiner Eintopf (casserole) in a beer tent and on the festival grounds in general. The final attraction of this weekend is the parade-like departure from the festival grounds.
Aug 10 +
Aug 24
St. Herrmann-Kirchweih (fair)
Worshippers go to the pilgrimage church St. Herrmann. On the saint's day of Bartholomew and Laurentius a large Kirchweih (fair) is being put up with fair booths, delicacies, Bratwürst (sausages) and, of course, ethnic beer...
Aug 15 Geisskopf-Kirchweih (fair)
A mass is celebrated on the summit of the Geisskopf mountain. Along with that, the "Mister Geisskopf" is voted for and decided upon. As an alternative, one can also go hiking or use the lift instead. Furthermore, don't miss the diverse performances by several groups and clubs.
Middle of August Heimatfest (home festival) Bischofsmais This is the largest festival of the community of Bischofsmais. Extraordinary music bands take center stage and during the parade-like departure from the festival grounds you can admire local ethnic customs - like native clubs and their members wearing the traditional/regional costumes, Schuhplattler (Bavarian folk dance), and so much more. Even our smallest guests, the children, are being served by an array of different carousels!

Hence, do not miss any of these highlights. If you wish, you can here check our availability and here whether your favorite apartement is still available.