How to get to our "Vacation Apartments with Heart"...


Rosi Loibl
Hartwachsrieder Weg 23
94253 Bischofsmais


Phone & Fax +49- 9920 / 557


Dear guests,

if you fly to Germany, Munich is the closest international airport. It has direct flights from many countries in Europe and around the world, including the USA.

The journey to our apartments is fairly easy. Please find some maps and directions below for your convenience.

From Munich airport to our "Vacation Apartments with Heart"

  • Exit the airport, following the blue Autobahn signs to Deggendorf for approx. 4-6 miles.
  • Take the Autobahn A92 to "Deggendorf" (i.e. you're going East),
  • Stay on the A92 approximately for 20-25 (***) miles until the end of the Autobahn in Deggendorf.
  • Continue with: "All directions from Deggendorf"

Coming from Munich on Autobahn A92

  • Take the Autobahn A92 to "Deggendorf" until the end of the Autobahn in Deggendorf.
  • Continue with: "All directions from Deggendorf"

Coming from Passau or Regensburg on Autobahn A3

  • Exit Autobahn A3 at Exit Number 110 "Kreuz Deggendorf" (i.e. the Highway/motorway intersection Deggendorf) and take the A92 towards Deggendorf for a few more miles.
  • Continue with: "All directions from Deggendorf"


All directions from Deggendorf

  • Autobahn A92 turns at its end into the B11 (B stands for "Bundesstrasse", or Federal Road)
  • Exit the B11 in the Tunnel and turn right towards "DEG - Rusel" (Rusel is the mountain you need to pass)
  • Shortly after that, turn right at the next traffic light towards "Rusel / Bischofsmais".
  • Stay on this uphill and curvy road, always towards "Bischofsmais / Regen" for approximately 16 km.
  • Shortly after you have reached the village (German: Dorf) "Scheibe" turn left towards "Geisskopfbahn / Unterbreitenau".
  • After about 700 m you reach "Hochbruck". In the sharp right-hand turn make a left towards "Bischofsmais".
  • After another 2 km or so, you drive through Bischofsmais and stay on the main road for another approximately 4 km (you'll pass "Wastlsäge"and the "Erholungsgebiet Geisskopf"). You are now in Habischried.
  • Turn right at the first street (a "Gasthaus"/restaurant is on your right) into the "Hartwachsrieder Weg"
  • Drive straight ahead on the Hartwachsrieder Weg - turn left at your second opportunity and continue until you reach house number 23. - Our house is the last house on the right - i.e. just before the street makes another left turn.

For your navigation systems please use:

Ort / destination: Habischried (94253), Regen
Straße / street: Hartwachsrieder Weg 23, 94253 Habischried, Bischofsmais